The KGPR / Airhead Parts Highway 1 Treffen Cruise started out 23 years ago as a Karmann Ghia only lunch cruise from Ventura to Ojai, about 20 miles each way.


In 2005, we invited all rear engine Volkswagen models to join us on a coast to coast cruise with Disney and VWoA to promote the launch of Herbie: Fully Loaded.  We traveled all of Route 66, before reaching the east coast, then down to Florida, before heading back home on I-10.  It felt like we were on the road for 100 years! This was the first "real" cruise, and boy did we travel far.  We still see folks from this 2005 tour join us every year.


Next, we did an overnight Las Vegas to Ventura cruise, followed by a couple of cruises to the Bay Area via Highway 1.  We lengthened that coastal route to start at The Rose City VW show in Portland, OR for a couple of years, before extending it further, from Blaine, WA to San Diego.


We moved our dates to later in the summer and no longer coincided with the Portland show, so we moved the start over to Port Angeles, WA several years back. PA is great, you can see Canada just over the straight and there's inexpensive motels and camping readily available right "in town".  The I-5 portion from the Canadian border all the way to Portland was pretty rough.  By starting in Port Angeles, 10 minutes after the official start, we're out in the woods on the Olympic Peninsula-- a much better way to start the day!


This will be the 6th or 7th year of going Border to Border?  Someone can do the math and correct me in the forum... :)



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