HWY1 Treffen Cruise

in 10 days!

Canada to Mexico

24th Annual KGPR / Airhead Parts

The KGPR / Airhead Parts Highway 1 Treffen Cruise started out 23 years ago as a Karmann Ghia only lunch cruise from Ventura to Ojai, about 20 miles. In 2005, we invited all rear engine Volkswagen models to join us on a coast to coast cruise with Disney and VWoA to promote the launch of Herbie: Fully Loaded.  We traveled all of Route 66, before reaching the east coast, then down to Florida, before heading back home on I-10.


Next, we did a Las Vegas to Ventura cruise and a couple of cruises to the Bay Area via Highway 1.  We lengthened that coastal route to start at The Rose City Bug In VW show in Portland, OR for a couple of years, before extending it further, from Blaine, WA to San Diego.


The West Coast Border to Border theme was a hit, and we've been doing that with some variations for 6 years.

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