“Escape From L.A.”

Sunday morning cruise to the border, Ventura to San Diego

210 Miles

Gas/Rest at 85 Miles



Sunday, July 31 – RUN TO THE BORDER! – Ventura to San Diego



Sunday morning has proven to be the most manageable, traffic wise.  It’s not too terrible! ;)


Sunday night, we'll celebrate by camping right on the beach  A local resident generously offers up the most amazing property to camp on, guaranteed to be one of the coolest parts of the entire trip!






There’s lots of good breakfast spots in Ventura, but they’re all pretty small with limited parking.  You’re welcome to explore, but the official spot will be:

Black Bear Diner

2401 E Harbor Blvd

Ventura, CA



Morning Meet:

Vons parking lot behind Black Bear.

In addition to the diner, there’s gas, a Starbucks, a donut shop and the Vons market.


Lunch (this is a combined Lunch/Gas/Rest Stop):

In N Out

799 E Spring St

Signal Hill, CA



It may be easier to get gas before you eat, it’s probably just as easy to get it after.  The stations are small in the city, so staggering our fill ups is best.  It’s up to you which way you work it, there’s plenty of room in the Home Depot lot to all gather again.



We exit the 405 for lunch at Atlantic Ave, then make a right.  In N Out is your next left in the Home Depot parking lot.  If you continue straight on Atlantic a couple of blocks, there’s a Mobil station on your right.  Then it’s just right out of the station, a right on Long Beach Blvd, and a right on E 31st St.  31st brings you straight in to the Home Depot parking lot.


There are other stations nearby, this one is just easiest to navigate.


I skipped gas here one year after filling up in Ventura, and came up short.  Traffic eats up your mileage.


A quick visit to Borderfield State Park is highly recommended, you can walk right up and touch the fence some days.  Other days the entire park is closed, there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to the schedule.


In 2021, a couple of us went straight there Sunday afternoon and got in.  Others tried Monday morning and the park was closed.


Park visit or no park visit, we're spending the night on the beach with a nice view of Mexico, just a couple of miles away. We made it!





Sand Castle Inn

785 Seacoast Drive

Imperial Beach, CA




The same amazing spot, right on the water, south of the pier in Imperial Beach