Astoria, OR to Coos Bay, OR

Miles: 230 (this is the 2nd longest day of Treffen)

Gas/Rest 1 at 70 miles from start in Tillamook

Gas/Rest 2 at 185 miles from start in Florence



Saturday, July 23 - OREGON COAST CRUISE - Astoria to Coos Bay, OR



Captain Robert Gray first anchored in Tillamook Bay in 1788, marking the first recorded European landing on the Oregon coast. Settlers began arriving in the early 1850s, and Tillamook County was created by the Territorial legislature in 1853. In 1862, the town itself was laid out, and the first post office was opened in 1866.  The area was originally home to the Yacona tribe, whose history can be traced back at least 3000 years.


We'll stop for the day in Coos Bay.  Population 15,985, it is the most populous city on the Oregon Coast.  Another PNW coastal town with a long, interesting history.,_Oregon





We’ve outgrown the Pig and Pancake parking lot, which is too bad because…. Pancakes!  I’ll probably still try to get in there for a quick bite, there just isn't room for us all to gather there.  We changed the morning meeting place last year.  Plan to eat where you like, then gather at the morning meeting spot.


8:30am - Morning Meetup:

Wal-Mart parking lot, over the bridge south from Astoria.

1791 SE Ensign Ln

Warrenton, OR



Easy gas up at the Fred Meyer on the right, just as you get over the bridge in to Warrenton.  WalMart is a few blocks further down on the left.  Their parking lot is bigger and there’s coffee next door.  There’s a Costco gas right there too if you have a Costco card.

Out at 9:00am sharp!


10:30-11:00am - Gas/Rest:

2525 N Main Ave

Tillamook, OR



1:00-2:30pm - Lunch:

Newport is a tough one.  We went freestyle in 2021 and parked at the Safeway in town.


Safeway Supermarket

2220 N. Coast Hwy

Newport, OR

97365 (north of the bridge)


There is room here for us to park (a challenge in these small towns), and there’s a couple of options very close by.  The Safeway deli, Subway, Taco Bell, Chalet Bakery, a liquor store, a pet store, an espresso spot, a Fred Meyer & more.


If you’re feeling brave, there is a cool little village just north of the bridge with fish and chips and such.  Mo’s Seafood is great.  Parking is tight though, and it gets crowded in the summer.


We’ll leave from the Safeway parking lot at 2:30pm


4:00-4:30pm - Gas/Rest:

950 US 101

Florence, OR


6:30pm - Dinner:

Coos Bay, OR





Motel 6 Coos Bay

1445 N Bayshore Dr, Coos Bay, OR 97420

(541) 267-7171



Sunset Bay OR State Park

Coos Bay, Oregon