Coos Bay, OR to Crescent City, CA

140 miles

Gas/Rest at 80 miles from start




Sunday, July 24 – OREGON COAST CRUISE Pt.2 - Coos Bay, to Crescent City, CA

***THE DEL NORTE DUBS CAR SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED LAST MINUTE.  Out of my control, sincere apologies for any hassles this causes.***


We’ll do a lunch picnic at Whales Head Beach, before we say goodbye to Oregon and head in to Crescent City, California.  It's a short drive day with lots of beach access.


Crescent City is a busy commercial fishing port, and has the unfortunate distinction of having been partially destroyed by four tsunami waves generated by the Good Friday earthquake off Anchorage, Alaska in 1964.






Pancake Mill in Coos Bay is where we normally all meet.  It’s still our Official Pancake Spot of 2022, but after breakfast, the hotel folks and the campers will all meet up in the same spot as 2021.  The Safeway/Fred Meyer parking lot has more room to spread out without blocking public access. There’s gas and coffee nearby.  We overfilled Pancake Mill's parking lot in 2019 by a good bit.


8:00-9:30am - Breakfast

Pancake Mill Restaurant (coffee & pastry at the to go counter, arrive early to get a table)

2390 Tremont St

North Bend, OR



9:30-10:00am - Morning Meet-Up:

Safeway Supermarket Parking Lot

230 E Johnson

Coos Bay, OR


This is the Safeway on the south end of town, near Bunker Hill.

There is coffee and gas near by.

On the road at 10:00am sharp!



12:00-12:30pm - Pick up food for picnic lunch

Rays Food Place

29560 Ellensburg Ave (Hwy 101)

Gold Beach, OR



Gas available across the street.  If you need gas, get it before food, this way we don't all hit the deli counter at once.


435 Ellensburg Ave (Hwy 101)

Gold Beach, OR


If you arrived in the morning with a full tank, it's only 140 miles total for the day.


1:15-2:45pm - Picnic Lunch:

Whales Head Beach

There is a short, steep dirt road down to the beach here.  No one has got stuck yet :)  Give the car in front of you a little room on the way out in case they spin a wheel and kick up rocks.  If you prefer, you can go straight to Crescent City, or there is a paved turnout with great views of the beach just past the dirt road turn off.

Brookings, OR




Del Norte Dubs VW Show and Shine at California Auto Image!

The Del Norte Vintage Volkswagen Club puts on a top notch event every year, they're super welcoming and extremely helpful.  Many thanks to everybody in the club!

Sorry for any hassle this causes anybody, no idea what's going on with the club or the venue, we've received conflicting messages.  Bottom line is the show has been cancelled and we don't know much more than that.  Interestingly, the club president is still inviting folks to camp in his yard.


We'll have a whole new plan somewhere else for next year, the 25th anniversary!


It's (was) the earliest morning of Treffen, which I know is harder on the campers than the hotel folks.  At least this gives us an extra hour and a half in the morning to make breakfast, walk dogs, pack up camp, etc.  I'm sure we can turn this lemon in to lemonade ;)


3:45pm - Hotel Check-In


5:30pm Dinner: TBD

Our usual spot isn't taking groups (same as last year), so we'll need to figure out a new hangout.





Curly Redwood Lodge

701 US-101 Crescent City, CA 95531

(707) 464-2137


No pets on property (including in cars outside)


This mid-century hotel was built from one single curly redwood tree that produced 57000 board feet of lumber!  This is the only hotel we've stayed at every year we've cruised the coast.  No Pets, No camping in the parking lot.  There are other motels on the main drag that are very close by.



Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park “Mill Creek” Campground (2 cars each)

Del Norte Coast Redwood SP, Crescent City, CA 95531

(800) 444-7275