Fort Bragg to Mill Valley

Miles: 170

Gas/Rest at 58 miles from start




Tuesday, July 26 – NORCAL COAST CRUISE - Fort Bragg to Mill Valley


This is a beautiful stretch of coast with lots of old farms, fishing villages and state park land to see.  We'll pass through Point Arena 6000 years after the first native settlers, 479 years after the first Spanish explorers, and about 180 years after the lumber trade got cooking here.  You can tour the 152 year old Point Arena Lighthouse for an $8 fee.


We’ll turn inland at Bodega Bay, the location of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film, The Birds.





Morning Meet Up


660 S Main St.

There’s a Starbucks, a car wash and gas nearby.

out at 10am.


It’s about 2 hours to lunch in Gualala, we’ll try and get in about noon.

Gas in Gualala

Out of town at 1:45pm


3:00pm - arrive at Bodega Bay.  Out in 30 minutes at 3:30?


Public Restrooms at 3089 Shoreline Highway at North Salmon Creek Beach.  There isn’t enough room for more than a couple of us, but it’s a good emergency stop— then head south to the meeting point, where we can stretch our legs a minute.  For now, let’s use the Fishetarian parking lot.

599 CA-1

Bodega Bay, CA



We have the option of hanging out in Bodega Bay longer, we can get after lunch/before dinner seafood snacks, or we can maybe find a beach where we’ll fit.  I’m going to change a lot around next year, but for 2022, let’s see what we can come up with that works with this schedule.  We’ve got a couple of hours until dinner.  Can also use that time to check in, shower, maybe a nap?  It’s Day 5, and this is where I start to feel it :)


6:00pm - Dinner:

The Cantina

651 E Blithedale Ave

Mill Valley, CA





Villa Inn

1600 Lincoln Ave

San Rafael, CA