Friday, July 29 – Cruise to the VVV VW CLUB TREFFEN CAMPOUT - SLO to Ventura

Let's meet for coffee and bagels at the beach!  This small stretch of coast is the only place you can drive on the sand in all of California.  We'll have a couple of volunteers helping everyone park tight and out of the way, we need to leave plenty of room for others, including emergency vehicles, to pass between us and the water's edge.


8:00am - Meet at the entrance to the Beach Cruise-- there's a large parking lot on the right at the very western end of W. Grand Ave., where we can gather up before we drive down to the sand at 8:10

You can use this restaurant address for GPS:

25 W Grand Ave

Grover Beach, CA


On the road at 10:00am


11:00-11:30am: Gas/Rest at Vandenberg Village

Circle K/Mobil

1400 N H St

Lompoc, CA



12:15-1:45pm: Lunch

Hllister Brewing Company (Home Depot parking lot)

6980 Market Pl Dr.

Goleta, CA


We've been stopping here the past several years, it's a busy spot, but we get in and out pretty quick.  There's other options in the same parking lot, Los Agaves is popular with locals for Mexican food, Mesa Burger was started by one of the chefs from one of those Food Network competitions, there's a McDonalds and a grocery store.  Chipotle, Target and Chevron are right across the street.


3:15pm: Vons Grocery, Ventura

Stock up for the campout!

Out at 3:45pm


4:00pm - Ventura Vintage Volkswagens club Treffen Campout!

2 nights in the coastal foothills.


I think this is the best VW Campout in California. The weather is significantly cooler than the inland shows, and the scenery can't be beat.


We're about 7.5 miles from downtown Ventura ocean and about 7.5 miles from downtown Ojai if you feel like exploring.  Bike trails connect both cities.


Registered Service Animals only.


Please register/reserve your spot early!


Sign up/more info on the Ventura Vintage Volkswagen Club website:






Motel 6 Ventura is your cheapest option, but reviews are mixed.


It’s definitely nicer staying at one of the hotels in the harbor area.  Check the usual travel sites for rates, or to locate a spot, then contact them directly.  Sometimes it’s cheaper through the travel sites, sometimes it’s cheaper booking direct.


If you’re in full vacation mode, there’s nice boutique motels in Ojai, and lots of Air BnB type options for a 2 night stay, both by the beach and in the mountains nearby.


VVV Club Campout:

Camp Arnaz

155 Sulphur Mountain Rd

Ventura, CA