July 21

July 30


Join for 10 Miles or 10 Days!

25th annual Treffen Cruise

Canada to Mexico!


Sunday, July 23 - Coos Bay to Crescent City, CA

140 miles


We’ll do a lunch picnic at Whales Head Beach, before we say goodbye to Oregon and head in to Crescent City, California.  It's a short drive day with lots of beach access.


There are tons of scenic turn outs and small roads out to the coast, there's a million places to stop for photos.  Unfortunately, there really isn't a place we can all fit until Whaleshead, but we'll be there for two hours, so feel free to stop and see something that catches your eye.  It's a short day, you'll definitely catch up.


We'll get to Crescent City early, it will be a nice break after the two longest days of Treffen.


Crescent City is a busy commercial fishing port, and has the unfortunate distinction of having been partially destroyed by four tsunami waves generated by the Good Friday earthquake off Anchorage, Alaska in 1964.






8:30-9:30am - Morning Meet-Up:

Safeway Parking Lot

230 E Johnson Ave

Coos Bay, OR 97420

We'll meet up in the spot marked on this MAP HERE.  I also marked some nearby gas stations, auto parts stores and spots to grab coffee.  Pancake Mill is a good sit down place for breakfast, but it's slow, so get there early.  We had 70 cars there one morning a few years back!


11:15-11:45am - Pick up food for lunch

Rays Food Place

29560 Ellensburg Ave (Hwy 101)

Gold Beach, OR

We can get sandwiches, & other deli stuff, drinks, ice, you name it here to take down to the beach at Whaleshead.  We'll make another stop at a larger store before the evening campout.


Gas is available across the street, but it's only 140 miles total for the day.


12:15-2:15pm - Lunch:

Picnic at Whaleshead Beach (Brookings, Oregon).

It's a short windy drive down a steep dirt road, and it always makes a few people nervous.  We haven't had anyone get stuck yet, lots of lowered VWs have made it up and down.  There's a few picnic tables here, restrooms and lots of walking paths.  It's the most relaxing spot of the trip.  This year was super wet and rainy, so fingers crossed on the dirt road condition.  If you don't want to drive down the hill, there is a large turnout just past the dirt road, on the side of 101.  It's got a great view of Whaleshead Rock, and it's only a 10 minute walk to the beach.


2:30-3:00pm - Gas/Rest Stop:

We can stop at the Fred Meyer in Brookings for camping supplies, and if you need gas, it's in the parking lot.  There's also a starbucks and a few other spots that have restrooms.  We'll try and hustle through the store/stop, but we're not in a huge hurry.

Fred Meyer

325 5th St

Brookings, OR 97415


3:30pm - Arrive in Crescent City, CA



Crescent City local, Mike Slavec has offered to host a good size camping group on his beautiful wooded property. He's going to have a port-a-potty delivered, so please pitch a couple of bucks in the hat to help him cover costs.


340 Mud Hen Village rd.

Crescent city CA.95531


Campers can go straight there or they can come to the dinner spot first.


Please keep dogs leashed/tied and be respectful about noise.  There's a potential "widow maker" tree Mike is going to rope off, so give it some space.  Also please double check that we leave zero trash behind in the morning.


IF YOU'RE IN ONE OF THE STATE PARKS, you'll be able to check in nice and early.



Check in & stretch your legs before we meet up for dinner.  There's a lawn out front at the Curly Redwood where folks usually hang out.  There's a lot of cool beach access by SeaQuake and lots of parking.  You can also check out the beaches just immediately south of Curly Redwood, right on 101 (great morning beach walk spot too, it's very close to the morning meet).


6:00pm - Dinner

SeaQuake Brewing

400 Front St. Crescent City, CA 95531


HOTEL: Curly Redwood Lodge

701 U.S. 101

Crescent City, CA 95531


Mike's Camp:

340 Mud Hen Village rd.

Crescent city CA.95531