July 21

July 30


Join for 10 Miles or 10 Days!

25th annual Treffen Cruise

Canada to Mexico!


Friday, July 28 - San Luis Obispo to Ventura

145 miles total


90 miles to lunch from the morning meet.

130 miles to first gas

We should shoot for a drive on the beach, but I don't think we should all wait at the top parking lot like previous years.  It took a LONG time to get everyone through the gate ($10) last year, they were even holding up our group to let others through.  I think we should all plan to meet on the beach instead.  There's two gates to enter the beach, we usually use the north one at the very end of W Grand Ave.  Last year, they sent half of us down to the south gate at the end of Pier Ave.  This year, let's use both.


Lots of us know where to go, we look for a spot about half way between the two gates.  We park in long rows, facing inland.  Let's try and keep buses in the back row, everything else in front.  Remember, we have to leave room for vehicles to pass behind us.


We can hang out on the beach for a bit before we all leave from the North gate at 10:00am.   If you don't want to drive on the beach (it's a favorite spot on the trip for photos), just hang out and wait for the group in the parking lot at the end of W Grand Ave.


If for whatever reason the beach is closed or the beach is full, or if we can't get on the sand for some other reason, we'll use the lot at the end of W Grand Ave. to meet up and hang out.



9:00am - Park on the Beach


10am - Exit through through the north ramp at Grande Ave


12:15pm - 1:30pm Lunch



2:30pm Gas & Groceries


2433 E Harbor Blvd

Ventura, CA 93001


There's gas and a Starbucks in the same parking lot.  CAMPERS, this VONS is the best spot for supplies.

I think we can all get out of here together about 3pm.


Lake Casitas Campout, Friday and Saturday night!


Reserve at the Mallard Campground asap.  If full, we'll overflow at the Indian Campground.



If you have trouble on the website, call them directly at 805-649-1122.

I had trouble with the checkout process and they were super helpful on the phone.


The Motel 6 on Thompson Blvd is walking distance to all the restaurants in Ventura's downtown area.  The other is close to the beach.