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Join for 10 Miles or 10 Days!

25th annual Treffen Cruise

Canada to Mexico!


2023 marks 25 years of Treffen!  The Airhead Parts HWY 1 Treffen started out as a Karmann Ghia only car show and lunch cruise, quickly becoming the largest annual gathering of Volkswagen Karmann Ghias in the world.


We decided to include all rear-engine VW models in 2005, celebrating with multi-thousand mile cross-country cruise along Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago, then down the east coast to Florida, before heading back to Airhead Parts HQ in Ventura, CA via I-10.  We've welcomed all rear engine VW models since.


The Treffen Desert to the Sea cruise, in 2007, began with an night time vintage VW show right on the Freemont Street boardwalk in Las Vegas.  We left the next morning for for a meet up at Airhead Parts in Ventura.


In 2008, the CA Hwy 1 cruise was born, with the route going between Ventura and Napa, traveling Hwy 1 all the way from the Ventura Pier to the Golden Gate Bridge.


We extended the route for Treffen 11, beginning at the Rose City Bug-In in Portland, Oregon, and ending at our own Vintage VW Show in Channel Islands Harbor, one hour north of Los Angeles. This year also marked the beginning of the group campouts, with Doug from Oregon inviting everyone over to his site to hang out after dinner in Big Sur.


Treffen 14 found us again extending the route, this time from the Canadian border all the way to the Mexican border in a 10 day cruise down the coast.


The Airhead Parts Treffen has become a bucket list item for many vintage Volkswagen owners, with thousands and thousands of enthusiastic drivers joining us over the years.  It's a very special event.  Whether you can do 10 miles or all 10 days, we look forward to seeing you on the road!