July 21

July 30


Join for 10 Miles or 10 Days!

25th annual Treffen Cruise

Canada to Mexico!


We're excited to see everyone soon!  Of course, you're all welcome to start and stop where you like, stay where you feel comfortable, and eat wherever you like.  We list where we’ll be as suggestions, making it easy for anyone showing up mid day, or taking off to explore for a few hours to find the group.


Most people stay at the recommended hotels, which is usually the Motel 6 in town anywhere north of San Luis Obispo.  They're usually pretty decent and under $100.  The exception is the Curly Redwood Lodge in Crescent City, which is a favorite with the regular cruisers.


Book camping at or near the evening stops.  Many sites allow more than two vehicles, so link up on the Forum (link above) or on FaceBook to share cost and space with fellow Treffeners. It’s our experience that booked campgrounds tend to have sites become available the closer we get to the date, as people who reserve in more than one location in the beginning of the season start to make up their minds and cancel extras. No guarantees of course, but keep checking back with the campgrounds. We’re usually pleasantly surprised.


It's been near impossible to book a restaurant for 60+ people the last couple of years.  There's a lot more people doing summer road trips, and there's a lot more of us than there used to be.  where possible, we'll list lunch and dinner locations that have a couple of options close by.


See you on the road!


Any changes will

be posted here.

Check Back!

Friday, July 21 - Port Angeles, WA to Astoria, OR

255 miles


Saturday, July 22 - Astoria to Coos Bay, OR

235 miles


Sunday, July 23 – Coos Bay, to Crescent City, CA - Crescent City Campout

165 miles


Monday, July 24 – Crescent City to Fort Bragg

150 miles


Tuesday, July 25 – Fort Bragg to Mill Valley

200 miles


Wednesday, July 26 – Mill Valley to Monterey - Laguna Seca Campout

180 miles



Thurs, July 27 – Monterey to San Luis Obispo - SLO Campout

165 miles

Friday, July 28 – San Luis Obispo to Ventura - Lake Casitas Campout

145 miles


Saturday, July 29 - Lake Casitas campout (Day 2)

0 miles


Sunday, July 30 – Ventura to San Diego

195 miles